Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Would you like to know the best kept secret in Semi Permanent Eyebrows?

Microblading and Soft Tap Semi Permanent cosmetics are the most natural way to look your best 24/7
We specialise in theMicroblading and  SoftTap hand method we use 100% disposable hand tools with a super fine blade to gently and delicately implant pigment into the upper layers of the skin in thin hair like strokes in the same growth pattern as your existing brow hair.   This method is non-invasive, highly controlled and produces the most natural looks you will ever see in permanent makeup, giving you anything from soft, virtually undetectable beauty enhancements to a complete reconstruction of missing eyebrows.

The results are naturel and completely your choice of shape and colour.

Microblading and Soft Tap lasts 12-18 months, depending on the clients skin type, thereafter the pigment fades, leaving the skin and natural eyebrows exactly as they were.
All for £150


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